CampaignTester™ utilizes a mobile phone or tablet to test and measure audiences’ emotional reactions to videos using our emotiontrac™ technology.

Our emotiontrac™ technology uses the front-facing camera of a mobile phone or tablet to register a person’s emotion while watching a video. The emotional responses are collected in real-time as the video plays.
We do this by identifying the changes in the geometry of a person’s face while they engage in the video. The emotional intelligence is gathered by the second as the video plays.

No. We can provide an audience for you at an additional cost. Below is a form to complete with your desired audience’s size, demography, and geography. Once you have submitted this form we will reach out with next steps.

This feature is currently in development. We will update this section closer to the release of this feature.

After your audience list is uploaded to the test, users are sent an invitation via email or SMS to install the app and participate.
The costs of testing are determined by your video length and the number of users you invite. The pricing is calculated at checkout.