Using our patent pending technology called emotiontrac™ as a video plays through a mobile app, CampaignTester™ identifies the changes in the person’s emotional response in real time. The emotional data is reported back second by second for review and analysis.

Emotiontrac™ uses the front facing camera of a mobile phone or tablet to register a persons emotion. We do this by identifying the changes in the geometry of a person’s face while they engage in the video. The emotional intelligence is gathered by each second the video plays.
Campaign Tester™ calculates the user’s emotions by the second using artificial intelligence and the device’s camera. We utilize our emotiontrac™ technology that uses a device’s camera to track small changes in facial expressions that indicate different emotions.
No. We can provide an audience for you. We will require some information to provide you with the cost to acquire the audience for you. Click this form to submit the quantity of the audience you want to be invited to the test as well as their demography and geography of the audience you want to target. We will then provide the cost of the audience list to be used in your test.
The audience will either receive an automated email to install the app once the campaign has been submitted or you can use this suggested template to invite your audience to the app for testing.
Campaign test costs are determined by a number of factors. They include the length of video, number of videos being tested in a single campaign and the size of the audience list.
Our pricing model is based on the processing of the total list size of your order. We do not charge by completed views. Using this method, we can keep our costs as economical to you as possible.