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Simple Pricing

Pricing is determined on the video length
and up to 100 completed
audience responses.


Volume Discounts

For large volume users, contact us
for additional information.

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General Pricing

  Standard Silver Gold Platinum
Multiple Users No
90 Days
Test Results
90 Days
Play As You Test –
Video Length
Up to 15 sec
Completed Responses
Up to 100
Each additional 100 $2.85
Play As You Test –
Video Length
16 – 30 sec
Completed Responses
Up to 100
Each additional 100 $4.75
Play As You Test –
Video Length
31 – 60 sec
Completed Responses
Up to 100
Each additional 100 $8.55
Play As You Test –
Video Length
61 – 120 sec
Completed Responses
Up to 100
Each additional 100 $14.25

Pay as you go pricing: First minute of video is $500 up to 100 responses. Each additional minute of video is $200.
Each additional 100 responses is $500 for the first minute of video and $200 per additional minute.
Gift Cards and Panel Audience rentals costs are additional and viewable when publishing the video test.

About CampaignTester™

A proprietary web+mobile tool to measure an audiences’ emotional reactions to your
video content. You can then apply these insights to optimize your videos so that you
can deliver a more refined message to the right audience.

CampaignTester™ utilizes a mobile phone or tablet to test and measure audiences’ emotional reactions to videos using our emotiontrac™ technology.
Our emotiontrac™ technology uses the front-facing camera of a mobile phone or tablet to register a person’s emotion while watching a video. The emotional responses are collected in real-time as the video plays.
We do this by identifying the changes in the geometry of a person’s face while they engage in the video. The emotional intelligence is gathered second by second as the video plays.
Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised, Disgusted, Fear, Confused, Sad, Neutral.

You will need the following: 

  1. The video file(s) that you want to use in the test. 
  2. The period of time you want to keep the test running until you reach your maximum number of respondents.  
  3. The list of people that you want to participate as your audience. Determine the maximum number of respondents you want to complete the test. 
  4. The gift card amount you want to budget and award to each of those respondents that competes the test.
Our system will convert most video files (ie, MP4, MPEG, AVI, WAV).

You may upload up to 100mb.

The upload time varies based on the file size.

These fields serve two purposes. 

  1. They inform the audience when the invitation is received who the campaign is for. 
  2. It is for your reference when reviewing the test results.

Most statisticians agree that the minimum sample size to get any kind of meaningful result is 100. For additional information read this article.

Every audience is different, but as a general recommendation we suggest to multiply the number of completed responses by 10 (ie. Audience size of 1,000 will deliver 100 respondents).

Your Video can be tested against multiple imported audience list and the results will be separated by multiple lists that you upload. We strongly recommend that for each change in the demographic group you want to test, you will want to separate the list you import. ie. List 1 will be 18-24 year old females. List 2 will be 18-24 year old males. List 3 will be 18-24 year old male in a particular postal code, city, state or country, etc

Yes. If you require assistance in acquiring a list for your test, please contact us and we can help you to coordinate.
To invite the audience to your test, we will require an email, mobile number or both. The audience will then be invited to the test via email, text or both.
After your audience list is uploaded to the test, users are sent an invitation via email or SMS to install the app and participate.
Here are examples of the email and text messages that are sent to your audience list.
Invites are sent out based on your scheduled start date and time. If your start day and time is the time you created the test and process the payment for your order, the invites will be sent immediately.

The costs of testing are determined by your video length and the number of users you invite. The pricing is calculated at checkout. View the Pricing page for sample pricing.

We accept all major credit cards.
Yes. You can edit any section of the order process prior to payment.