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Viewers React To AOC’s Presidential Nomination Of Bernie Sanders At The Democratic National Convention

Boynton Beach, FL  August 20, 2020 05:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Jinglz, a global leader in quantifying emotional and engagement levels of video viewers, conducted a study this week to better understand the contentious discourse on social and traditional media – from journalists, elected officials, and voters on all sides of the political spectrum – that transpired after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke at this week’s 2020 Democratic National Convention.

In an independent study conducted by Jinglz Inc, respondents watched a video segment from the Democratic National Convention featuring the speech in which Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez nominated Senator Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic Party’s Candidate for President. The data was captured through its CampaignTester platform using its AI-powered EmotionTrac technology. The panel audience was monitored through their mobile phones as they naturally watched the video in a contactless environment.

CampaignTester tracks 8 different emotions and if the respondent is engaged while the video is playing (engagement defined as eyes on the screen).

While some suggested that the confusion and surprise were a result of “media framing,” the data captured by the study was off the charts at the moment Ocasio-Cortez nominated Sanders to be the Democratic Candidate for President. Confusion and Surprise experienced an immediate spike in reactions on this mention. Overall, the panel found AOC to be very likable amongst men and likable amongst women

“Emotions influence everything we do – from how we make decisions at the ballot and courtroom, to how we shop and interact with brands,” said Aaron Itkowitz, CEO and founder of Jinglz. “Recognizing this, Jinglz has already applied our AI-driven EmotionTrac technology to market research, helping brands optimize visual content and media spend by measuring consumers’ engagement and emotional responses to legal deposition videos, ads, and TV shows. We are confident in the significant opportunity to harness the power of emotional engagement across all facets of the modern experience.”

About Jinglz, Inc.

Jinglz has created patented powerful technology for measuring audience engagement and emotion. Candidates and other marketers can now achieve exponentially increased returns for every dollar spent. The CampaignTester product is a digital focus group testing software with AI-Powered Emotion Tracking. Video testing is deployed through a mobile app so that panel audiences can participate in a contactless environment while data is being collected.  Brands, ad agencies, lawyers, and any market researchers can easily deploy on-demand focus group tests that produce true quantitative data for emotional reaction and engagement with video content. Where they may have traditionally spent $10,000+ and weeks for gathering market research, these companies can now benefit from the same data starting at under $1,000 and receive results within hours of deployment.

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